Sunday, July 20, 2008

The American Academy of Pediatrics Spearheads a New Immunization Alliance

In an attempt to maintain sovereign authority on vaccinations, the AAP has formed an alliance to develop a media market plan directed to parents about the necessity of vaccinations.

They identified several factors that promote anti-vaccine information:

• Parent-to-parent spread of myths,
• A public that does not understand the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases,
• Internet and media exposure that is not balanced,
• Decreased trust in the government and health care providers,
• Slow response to negative news coverage, and
• Increasing calls for philosophical exemptions.

Here are response questions, point by point on each factor:

  • Is it a myth when a parents are discussing observed side effects?
  • Where is the scientific evidence showing vaccines are safer than the disease itself? Where is the scientific evidence showing vaccines prevent these diseases?
  • Where is the balance on the pro-vaccine web sites?
  • Haven't the pharmaceutical companies created this decreased trust?
  • Without scientific evidence to respond with quickly is the response time slowed down?
  • Is there something wrong with parents exercising their rights to choose their families' own health care?

This is a new recommended form from the AAP that doctors are advised to have their parents sign. View the form here. I suggest ALL parents take a copy of this form and get legal advise before signing it. There may be statements you would want to delete or add before committing your signature to it. Remember--if you are not satisfied with you current pediatrician's recommendations, find a new one!

One place to start is the Holistic Pediatric Association:

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