Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ohio Dar a Luz Network Professional Members:

Bethany Dykman . 937-376-0304
Betsy Morton . 937-767-9435
Jeanna Krug – 937-266-5336

Postpartum Doulas:
Jennifer Steinbach . 937-431-5351

Massage Therapists:
Jeanna Krug . 937-266-5336
Keri Speck . 937-767-8483
Amy Thobaben . 937-374-2699

Infant Massage:
Julie Harless . 937-433-7328
Devon Horsman . 937-241-5954

Yoga & Prenatal Yoga:
Dianeah Wanicek . Yoga Springs Studio . 937-767-1034
JoGa Somatic Arts . . 937-672-4962
The Yoga Shala . . 937-344-0868

Kathy Kizirnis- She does both prenatal and baby and me yoga and her website is

Health Food Stores:
Olympia Health
(in back section of Town & Country Shopping Center)
20% discount to members

Baby Keepsakes
Baby Momentos
Casting of baby’s hands and/or feet
Pam Hineman
15% discount to members

The American Academy of Pediatrics Spearheads a New Immunization Alliance

In an attempt to maintain sovereign authority on vaccinations, the AAP has formed an alliance to develop a media market plan directed to parents about the necessity of vaccinations.

They identified several factors that promote anti-vaccine information:

• Parent-to-parent spread of myths,
• A public that does not understand the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases,
• Internet and media exposure that is not balanced,
• Decreased trust in the government and health care providers,
• Slow response to negative news coverage, and
• Increasing calls for philosophical exemptions.

Here are response questions, point by point on each factor:

  • Is it a myth when a parents are discussing observed side effects?
  • Where is the scientific evidence showing vaccines are safer than the disease itself? Where is the scientific evidence showing vaccines prevent these diseases?
  • Where is the balance on the pro-vaccine web sites?
  • Haven't the pharmaceutical companies created this decreased trust?
  • Without scientific evidence to respond with quickly is the response time slowed down?
  • Is there something wrong with parents exercising their rights to choose their families' own health care?

This is a new recommended form from the AAP that doctors are advised to have their parents sign. View the form here. I suggest ALL parents take a copy of this form and get legal advise before signing it. There may be statements you would want to delete or add before committing your signature to it. Remember--if you are not satisfied with you current pediatrician's recommendations, find a new one!

One place to start is the Holistic Pediatric Association:

Kettering Dara Luz Playgroup!


Hey everyone! Kettering Dara Luz is starting a play group, everyone and anyone is welcome, feel free to invite new moms, sisters, etc. Everyone can bring their kids young and old alike. Bring your lunch if you want and we will all enjoy fun and fellowship while letting the kids play!!

· Date: 2nd Tuesday of every month starting in April 2008

· Time: 10am-12pm

· Place: See below

· April: Slings, Diapers, and things show and tell- please bring your favorite cloth diapers, sling or baby carrier, etc. and we will all benefit and learn something new- meet at Java Street CafĂ© 2056 E Dorothy Lane, Kettering OH 45420. In the Kettering town center next to Elder Beerman (b/c we weren’t sure of the weather!)

· May: Indian Ripple Park in Kettering

· June: Wegerzyn Gardens in Dayton 1301 E Siebenthaler (bring towels, bathing suits and sunscreen)

· July: Orchardly Park in Oakwood on Delaine Ave between Wonderly and Orchard ( bring bathing suits, towels, and sunscreen)

· August: The Greene (will gather around the big sprinklers to let kids play, and then from there shop or eat…..)

  • September: Indian Ripple Park in Kettering
  • October: Youngs Jersey Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs

In case of rain, the group will be cancelled unless otherwise noted

notification of continuation during the winter months will be posted soon, suggestions welcome!